The Workshops

16. Migraines: This most common of ailments has its roots in many factors. Don't suffer in silence

17. Hospice Care: End of Life Caring and Your Rights: What to expect and do during this stressful experience of caring for someone with a terminal illness

18. HIV Treatment Adherence: HIV diagnosis is frightening, complicated, and confusing: the implications of understanding your treatment

19. Spirituality and Aging: The role of beliefs in the state of our health and our age

20. Long Term Care: How to navigate through a long illness or injury

21. The Living Will: How you can better prepare for the tough desicions we all must face alleviating that burden from our loved ones

22. The Oral-Body Connection: Your teeth will often reveal more about your overall health than any other part of your body

23. Making Prescriptions Work for You: The pharmacist is the third partner in the healthcare triad; your relationship with him is important

24. HIV and Your Teeth: The impact of HIV on your oral health

25. Anger Management: Does Anger Control You? How anger can ruin your health and much more

26. Pain Management: Live Pain Free: Whether due to illness or injury controlling your pain means understanding your pain

27. Care for the Wandering Patient: When a loved ones mental perception is diminished it can lead to confusion and periods of wandering

28. Asthma: A Matter of Life and Breath: Learning to live with asthma 

29. Healthcare and Your Doctor: Helping patients understand their role and relationship with their physician

30. Hypochlorus: The Super Anti-Microbial: A green solution that kills all superbugs known to man in less than 1 minute




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