The Workshops

1. Cholesterol and Your Body: You can reverse the damage that cholesterol can do to your body

2. Diabetes: You Can Live With It: Understanding how to live and manage a healthy life with diabetes.

3. Healthy Living Mind, Body and Soul: Real health is connecting all the dots in our lives

4. Your Eyes: A Guide to Glaucoma, Cataracts and Diabetic Retinopathy: Why it's important to have your eyes examined

5. Heart Disease in Men and Women: The number one killer of men and women and why

6. Nutrition and Understanding Your Food Choices: Food as the fuel of your life

7. Sexually Transmitted Infections: Making careful choices with your partner

8. Home Care: Healthcare That Makes an Impact: How a home health aide or personal care aide can help in keeping you safe and healthy at home

9. Cancer: Facts, Fears and Hope: Many misconceptions, fear, myths surround this dreaded diagnosis

10. Alzheimers and Aging: They are two different things and as our population ages many will face the implications of both

11. Sleep Disorders: Wanted Sweet Dreams: Almost every person alive has suffered from some form of sleep issue

12. Depression: A Very Personal Illness: Examining the reasons, the triggers and the responses of why people become depressed

13. Smoking and Your Health: No single habit has caused more damage to human health than the abuse of tobacco

14. Eating Disorders: Examining our relationship with food. Whether it's obesity, overeating, or not eating, understand the role of food in our lives

15. Viagra and Cialis: All You Need to Know: The abuse of these medications and the implications



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